Mission & Vision

One Heart One Light is an authentic community to love and be loved as you are and a bridge to becoming one, with unique tools to apply Christ’s atonement.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where men and women have deep, authentic, personal connections with God and each other, and live each day as their best selves through Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

At One Heart One Light, we know that life’s challenges can make it difficult to feel a close connection with God. We teach actionable skills to access the power of Jesus Christ which will empower you to live in harmony with yourself, God and others.

Core Purpose: Why do we exist?

We empower individuals to become one by reminding them of their wholeness.

  • Empower – each person is responsible for their own journey, but we provide tools and a community to support each person on a journey of oneness.
  • Becoming one – individuals become one with their self, one with their family and community, one with their church, and one with deity.
  • Wholeness = Oneness – We all come from oneness and have always been whole, but many have forgotten or grown apart from this truth.
    We help them remember.

Core Values

We live vulnerability

  • We are authentic, honest, open, teachable, and emotionally aware
  • We share our hearts and minds; we respect others’ sharing
  • We choose to be vulnerable first (lead with vulnerability), inviting others into safety

We take ownership

  • We own not only the task, but our feelings and beliefs about the task
  • We are accountable to our commitments and hold each other accountable
  • We take responsibility for our own lives and also our feelings as we experience life

We connect with a Higher Source

  • We are intimately connected with Jesus Christ; the source of healing, power, and love
  • We contribute to a cause bigger than the self
  • We are guided by a higher wisdom than the self

We love unapologetically

  • We love ourselves, others, and God
  • We express our love openly and freely
  • We love everyone, especially those who are different than us

We engage deeply

  • We courageously strive to fully experience life
  • We are fully committed in all that we do
  • We use our fears to learn about ourselves and continue engagement