one heart one light community

Who are we?

Is an authentic community to love and be loved just as you are.

Show up in all your messiness and your greatness as you grow into the person God knows you can be.

Has unique tools that will enable you to experience the transformative power of Christ’s atonement more deeply.

As you apply these tools, you will find power to overcome issues that have kept you down.

Is a bridge to experiencing unity in your life…

with yourself, with your loved ones,
and with God





Become the person you know you can be; the person God created you to be!

What’s Stopping You?









Growing up in a religious family or community can be a wonderful experience. Unfortunately it can often bring unique challenges, such as perfectionism, judgment, comparison, or a sense of inadequacy. In addition, the fear, shame, and guilt that are often used as tools to control behavior can also exacerbate issues with depression, anxiety, and isolation.

And it only gets worse because you may believe that many of these issues cannot be shared in an open, healthy, non-judgemental way, which can increase the pressure you feel.

However, there is a solution to this problem and there are people who can walk this journey with you.

We know how you feel.

We have been there. We have experienced pain, isolation, fear, judgment, and shame and have learned how to access the power of Christ’s Atonement to find deeper love, joy, and peace.

No matter what you are experiencing or what you have been through, you are welcome and are loved just as you are.
You are a divine son or daughter of God with gifts and light to share.

You can gain greater access the power of Christ’s Atonement to live a more fulfilling life.

And we have helped many others just like you:

Jeff B

Are you healing after a divorce?


Are you thinking about attending the retreat?


Have you felt betrayal or abandonment?

Heidi & Matthew

Have you been affected by perfectionism or addiction?

We have already helped many people change their lives for good; are you ready?

How can you even begin to address these issues that you have dealt with so long, that bring you so much pain, and you may have buried so deep?

We call our process “Atonement in Action” and it is a powerful four-step process that enables you to continuously experience transformative growth in your life.

Our Proven Process:

Atonement In Action

See Your Blindness

  • Be honest with yourself
  • Recognize your judgments
  • Honor your feelings

Witness Transformation

  • Engage with community
  • Rewrite your Story
  • Experience renewal

Choose to Act

  • Embrace vulnerability
  • Trust the process
  • Surrender to Christ

Live Reborn

  • Own your identity
  • Live Wholeheartedly
  • Continue to engage


Which Path is right for you?


One Heart One Light has many different trained and certified coaches who can help you along your journey. They are trained to use our exclusive coaching method, utilizing Atonement in Action to help you take control of your life, heal past wounds, and live your life from a place of peace and power.


The Light Within is our flagship retreat that is available for both men and women. At The Light Within retreat, you will learn and practice Atonement in Action in a safe, loving, and supportive environment of like-minded individuals. These tools will enable you to continually grow and transform your life.


Community is a concept that we take seriously at One Heart One Light. We believe that some of our greatest growth comes as we share ourselves and witness each other’s growth.

Join one of our online or in-person groups that regularly practice Atonement in Action as we “bear one another’s burdens.”

Schedule your Free Consultation and we can help you.

One Heart One Light is a diverse community of men and women.

Using Christ’s atonement, we have found peace with ourselves and God.

We have overcome past wounds and limiting beliefs and continue to heal and grow.

We in power others to do the same through retreats, coaching, and other offerings.

We have a background in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It’s easy. Start your journey now.