The Light Within Financial Assistance

Scholarship funds and payment plans are made available for those who have a strong desire to attend and a legitimate financial need.
Payment Plan
If you are able to pay the full cost of the retreat over a predetermined time period, we can arrange a payment plan that works for your personal financial situation. Your payment plan will consist of an initial deposit to hold your space at the retreat, and a predetermined amount which will be billed to the card you provide on a monthly basis. We have some standard options available which do not require an application or approval of a specific plan. The standard plans allow you to make a deposit now and spread the remaining cost of the retreat over the next 3, 4, or 5 months. To register today with one of these plans please click here. If you would prefer a customized payment plan, please contact us at
Scholarship funds are made available by private donation from others who have experienced The Light Within and know of the positive impact it has made in their lives. In this regard, here are a few principles to be aware of:
  • It is our desire to enable every person who has a strong desire to do so; we do not want money to become the only reason someone who is genuinely interested cannot attend.
  • We find that those who contribute the least, also receive the lease benefit, therefore, we will not provide any “full cost” scholarships.
  • As stated above, the scholarships are limited, needs-based, and first-come first-served.
We find that for those who really want to come, we can find a way to make it work.
Most scholarships are in the range of $100-250 discounted from the full cost of the retreat. Since scholarship recipients are already receiving a reduced price, they are not eligible for other discounts, like the early registration discount.
How do I apply for aid?
To apply for a scholarship, please take the following two steps:
  • Complete the application below.
  • Go to the registration page and make an initial deposit of $100 for the retreat.
Making the deposit reserves a spot for you at the retreat while your scholarship application is being considered and will be applied to your remaining balance. If you do NOT receive all the financial assistance you need, and you therefore want to withdraw your registration, your deposit can be fully refunded.
If you are unable to make the $100 deposit, reach out to Matt Allred at to discuss your financial situation and your options.
What is the deadline for applying?
There is no hard deadline to apply. However, the earlier you apply, the more funds we have available for financial assistance.
What happens after I apply for a scholarship?
After you complete your scholarship application and pay your retreat deposit, your application will be considered by the scholarship committee. The committee takes a number of factors into consideration including your personal situation and fund availability, balanced with a desire to support as many men as possible in attending. We strive to respond to scholarship applications as quickly as possible, but it may take up to 2-3 weeks.
If we need additional information in order to make a decision, we will contact you by phone or email regarding your application.
If your application is approved, we will:
  • contact you to inform you that your request has been approved, along with the amount of the scholarship, and
  • email you an invoice to pay any remaining balance you owe above the initial deposit, which must be paid before the retreat begins.
If we are not able to fund your scholarship request, we will contact you to discuss alternatives for you to be able to attend the program.
Scholarship and payment plans
You might be approved for a payment plan instead of — or in addition to — a partial scholarship.
We will work out the payment plan terms in a way that fits your financial situation. For a payment plan to be approved, you will be required to provide a credit card that can be automatically billed according to the terms of your established payment plan.
Additional questions?
Feel free to contact us at to discuss your situation. A member of the scholarship committee will be glad to help you find a way to attend The Light Within.
To apply for a scholarship, please complete the application below.

Scholarship Application - Please Fill in the Form Below to Apply for a Scholarship

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